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Well, did you know that with music, you can relieve stress whether you have a long day or want to feel relaxed? To achieve this, you need a continuous flow of music and Spotify is the right music website to be. If you are a true music lover, then you should consider Spotify premium. Personally, I’m a great music lover, and I cannot go a day without listening to my favorite music jam. This happens to be part of my life, and I love it.

As a music lover, Spotify premium is where you need to be. So here are some facts about Spotify premium;
First, if you didn’t know, Spotify happens to be a free music website that has over 76 million daily users. In the year 2016, Spotify has over 40 million paid users recorded around the globe. Spotify premium has excellent features in that it allows users to create their playlists and this will make you design your favorite playlist that you can listen at your preferred time.

Another fantastic feature about Spotify premium is that it provides a playlist that has different genres and moods that are already made for the user. Spotify premium also has a radio selection feature. It allows you to type in the song or even the artist’s name and it will play a song of the similar genre.

With all these create features to your knowledge, why should you then upgrade to Spotify premium level?

1. There is an unlimited selection of songs.

With Spotify premium upgrade, you are allowed to listen to as many songs as you like ranging from the oldest to the latest music genres in the industry. This is advantageous to you as a music lover because you get to browse through all the songs that you wish to listen to. Personally, I get to listen to Hip-hop and soft rock music genres, all these at my disposal ranging from the oldest to the newest in the music industry.
Unlike Spotify premium, Spotify free mobile app will only allow you to shuffle through a couple of songs, and this is disadvantageous. Why? Because it will limit you as a music lover to walk through a couple of songs and prevent you from accessing the best of playlists thus, you will not be able to listen to your favorite music jams.

2. It is affordable and cheap.

With all the features that I have mentioned above, you will not believe it when I tell you that they are only available at a cheap fee of only $12.99 per month! Affordable right? With all the coolest features, that price is so affordable and friendly to any music lover. As a college student, the rate cut into a-half. This is so much fun if you love music and paying that is way beyond the worth price.

3. It has zero advertisements.

As a music lover, you will agree with me that ads can be so dull especially if you are searching for your favorite song over the internet. The free version of Spotify I’d filled with many ads, and they get into your nerves forcing you to listen to those ads. When trying to reduce the volume so as not to listen to ads, they pause until you turn on the volume forcing you to listen to them. There are zero ads in Spotify premium. That is why Spotify premium is the best.

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4. You can sync songs to offline mode.

This is the best feature on Spotify premium. It allows you to sync your music while you are offline. Having to listen to music offline is helpful. Personally, I work a lot and listening to music offline gives me a peace of mind. This is because of much data saved while you are offline. So why not try out an upgrade to Spotify premium today and have the best of music to listen to!

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