Vultr – $3.5/month a VPS hosting IPV4, IPV6 – Server backup start at $0.7/mo

Vultr VPS hosting plans and pricing credits,  coupon
Vultr VPS hosting plans and pricing

A good news is Vultr VPS was opened a new plan comes up with greater features, that is a $3.5/mo ($0.005/hour ) VPS package with these resources:

  1. 20GB SSD storage
  2. 500GB bandwidth
  3. 512 Mb memory RAM
  4. 1.CPU core.
  5. 1 Free IPV4
  6. 1 Free IPV6
  7. They provider offers this package in 15 locations, which means you can deploy a new server in one of 15 locations.

Before this package, Vultr also open another package with a cheaper price $2.5/mo, but there is a small piece you must know.

Check out the $2.5/mo Vultr VPS package.

What different between the $2.5 package and $3.5 package? I see it same resources.

You might right some points when saying about that, but I will show you how different between them.

  • It same about RAM, SSD storage, Bandwidth, CPU core and users can deploy server in 15 locations.
  • But the $2.5 package doesn’t offer the IPV4 for Free. it just offers free IPV6. You want to use IPV4 you must buy for it to use.

See, that’s the big different between two of these package.

check out vultr vps plans and pricing

What can we do with this plan?

We can build a simple website with low traffic or we can use it to build a VPN tunnel to use for yourself.

Or we can use it to running codes, building app or testing our apps.

There are a lot of things we can do with this VPS size.

*** Vultr accepts PayPal, credits cards and BTC as a payment method to pay for your server usage.

*** Pay-as-you go: for all plans.

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