Top 21 Best Shopify Themes for your Online Stores 2018

Select a proper Shopify template
Select a proper Shopify template

Top 21 Best Shopify Themes for your Online Stores. When it comes to starting an online store, the design of your site plays an important role. It determines the number of customers and sales as well. As a result, to record a good profit, you need to pick the right eCommerce platform template. However, coming up of the right online store template can be challenging to most of the business people. Fortunately, in this post, we are going to cover in details top rated Shopify themes from ThemeForest.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce store solution, and we have narrowed down top 21 best Shopify themes for your eCommerce business. Our list comprises themes that will make your website stand out from others and please your visitors. Our selection is based on the rates, customers great review and the following features:

Features of Shopify eCommerce Templates

Build-in custom user-friendly setting panel – Our list comprises themes that will allow you to modify and adjust them to what you like. They give room for adding your top categories in your primary navigation tool which in turn enhance buyers to find what they want on your site quickly.

Responsive design and SEO-friendly – These themes are eye-catching and provide you with a lot of options available to increase your search engine visibility to prospects hence making it easier for your customers to search and find your products.

Pre-built in tools that makes you customize your site comfortably without much coding. This list is also made up of themes that have excellent customer support.

In addition, our key features that helped our theme selection is device compatibility, faster browser, and clean.

When you have a quality Shopify template, you’re guaranteed with an excellent eCommerce design solution. All you need to do is to set it up, add products, custom your product information and start optimizing for online sales.

21 Best Shopify Themes from ThemeForest

In this article, we’ve updated our list of the top 21 best Shopify themes on ThemeForest, all of which are bated to be the best for your online store solution. To make your work a bit easier when doing a selection of your best theme based on your interest and the type of business you want to run, we have grouped our list into six main categories.

Best Technology Shopify Themes

1. Electro

Electro shopify theme
Electro Shopify theme

Electro theme is user-friendly, responsive and Shopify theme with many styles and is used for selling gadgets and electronics. It is compatible with Shopify Sections making you have a great adventure in finalizing your online store project.

The responsive feature makes Electro theme compatible with all sizes of screen. As a result, all your customers can get optimal service from your online shop regardless of the device they are using for browsing.

Electro is modeled with eight colors giving you options to choose the best signature you can use to make your site page look interesting. It also gives you various options for your product reviews. With this theme, you can increase your sells utilizing the up-sell shopping cart feature.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

2. Digital World

Shopify Digital world theme
Shopify Digital world theme

If you like standing out of the crowd with unique features which are hard to find in the market, Digital World is for you. It’s a unique Shopify template for any eCommerce technology website. Its primary focus is to ensure that your site meets all the needs of hi-tech, digital, computers, and mobiles.

It is featured with a variety of pre-built homepage layouts. This means that with this theme, you are ready to start adding your products and their information and start selling.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

3. Porto

Porto Shopify theme
Porto Shopify theme

Porto is the ultimate responsive theme which is readily designed to work with tons of combinations and variations. Porto is an excellent solution to all levels of site builders.

Porto has more significant selections of layout variations, up-to 20 unique homepage layouts with unlimited headers. It is also a search engine friendly which is highly optimized for speed with any browser. It supports multi currencies and different languages. It is also built with various color options.

This theme is ready to revolutionize your technology project and give you the perfect eCommerce business experience ever.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

4. Home Market

Shopify Home Market Theme
Shopify Home Market Theme

If you are planning to create an eCommerce site that has an extensive inventory, then Home Market theme is the best option for your choice. This theme gives you the freedom to launch a massive online shop that can be used to sell electronic products of all kinds and categories.

The Home Market theme focuses on giving you complete control of your store with ease regardless of the number of products you have.

It comes with great features including user-friendly layouts, various color options, compatible design, mega-menus, sidebar filtering and many more amazing features.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

Best Shopping Shopify Themes

5. iOne

Shopify ione theme
Shopify ione theme

iOne is known for its pastel colors and sharp edges. It comes with twelve demos which correctly show off the clean aesthetic.

It comes with beautiful built-in features like grid change, AJAX toolbar, alternative image options, product zoom, sticky menu, lazy loading and more amazing features.

This theme gives you the best eCommerce solutions.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

6. Merchandiser

Shopify merchandiser theme
Shopify merchandiser theme

Merchandiser theme is dedicated Shopify theme whose primary aim is based on providing a modern and appealing platform with maximum ability to deal with online shops for many different ways in the market.

This theme has advanced features with a perfect combination that will suit your desire and speed up your process of designing your online dream shop. Its elements are engaging and compatible with your device.

The Merchandiser has a built-in off-canvas shopping cart for scanning product details and off-canvas tool for a quick view, which makes this theme to have smooth and fantastic end-user browsing and shopping experience that enhance the number of visits to your site and more profit at a long run.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

7. Handy

Shopify Handy Theme
Shopify Handy Theme

Handy is easy to use Shopify template which is responsive and contains many attracting styles. It’s the best option for those looking to start an online shop selling handmade products.

The Handy theme is featured with attractive tools including out-of-the-box layout configurator that enables you to set custom layouts, an EU privacy cookie, social networking icons, powerful search engine, video slideshow, mega-menu and many more.

With this theme, you are also able to customize all the colors and fonts. Getting your eCommerce website with this stunning Shopify theme can be a fantastic adventure in your online shop business.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

Best Fashion Shopify Theme

8. Jasper

Shopify Jasper Theme
Shopify Jasper Theme

Jasper theme is one of the highly customizable Shopify templates for your online store. It uses six key layouts which are combined with full width, along with all available options through Shopify sections. Its product page options are built with a range of amazing widgets including quick product view, currency switcher, add-to-wish-list options, and mailing list pop-ups making the whole experience of using this theme to be exciting.

Jasper enables you to build a full-fledged online store without any hassle. It provides you with multiple options for customization, advanced color management and many more.

With Jasper, you have various options for choosing the best homepage design for your shop. Besides, Jasper is fully compatible with most of the modern browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome and many more.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

9. Fastor

Shopify Fastor Theme
Shopify Fastor Theme

Since the original version, this theme has undergone tons of updates. It has a unique outlook. In addition, it’s less complicated, faster and has excellent support from Shopify unique features. It gives the best product image size for your brands. Besides these unique features, Fastor has also improved documentation with videos for tutorial purposes.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

10. Ella

Shopify Ella Theme
Shopify Ella Theme

Ella is quick responsive theme suitable for fashion businesses. It provides gorgeous layout options with features like product image banners, blocks, colors and more. This template also comes with an advanced menu module for different categories allowing your visitors to select their desired products efficiently. The navigation layout helps your prospects to filter the products using price, brands, and colors. Ella is also compatible with all devices making your eCommerce site to display correctly.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

Best Entertainment Shopify Themes

11. BookShop

Shopify Bookshop Theme
Shopify Bookshop Theme

If you want a beautiful looking online bookshop, The BookShop theme is your best choice. It’s a wonderfully responsive Shopify theme provides the best solution for your dream eCommerce bookshop. It’s ideal for an online store for any media products including movies, audio, eBooks, music, video games and more. The beauty of this theme is that you can efficiently use it to sell both physical and downloadable goods.

You can also use BookShop theme to dedicate its pages to book/movie reviewers, authors, and publishers.

It has infinite color setting options and advanced layout.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

12. Ap Melody

Shopify AP Melody Theme
Shopify AP Melody Theme

Ap Melody theme is compatible with most of the devices like laptop, desktop, tablets, and mobile. It’s very responsive with a friendly user interface. It has a unique design for musical instrument and CD store.

One of the updated features for this theme by ThemeForest is the color filter homepage. This makes it easy to choose your color of interest from home page to make your site attractive to your customers.

Besides, what makes Ap Melody an exciting theme is its power to support HTML5, CSS3 and auto-language layout. Its friendly demystified codes will help you design a lovely online shop.

Ap Melody also comes with tons of amazing built-in features including powerful and advanced admin panel which helps you to manage your online shop without any hassle.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

13. O2 Club

O2 Club Shopify Template
O2 Club Shopify Template

You want your clients to recognize with unique landing page feature? O2 Club Shopify template does it well. It’s responsive Shopify theme with excellent landing page features. O2 Club has a professional design with ample space giving you a better option of selling large stocks of different items.

This theme brings a unique shopping experience to your customers since it’s built with plenty rooms at the header and footer which helps you to do your product promotions and provide the general outline of information for your Club.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

Best Health and Beauty Shopify Themes

14. Foodly

Shopify Foodly Template
Shopify Foodly Template

Foodly is one of the Shopify themes that tops in the ThemeForest health and Beauty category. It were responsive and designed as a Shopify grocery online shop that is appealing to customers who are looking for clarity and quality.

It is featured by basic setting options for images and all illustrations for your products. It is eCommerce-ready and provides all the fundamental tools you need to create a robust, unique online shop for your food needs without any coding.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

15. Beauty

Shopify Beauty Template
Shopify Beauty Template

If you are looking to start an eCommerce business that sells and promote beauty related product, look no further than Beauty theme. This theme is highly responsive and has a thoroughly optimized design that is compatible with any mobile device. Some of its beautiful features include fancybox widget, which has ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ options, and a friendly editor panel with adjustable options for colors.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

16. YourStore

Shopify Yourstore Template
Shopify Yourstore Template

YourStore has been one of the biggest selling Shopify themes on ThemeForest. It is an eCommerce-ready theme with over twenty pre-made layouts which gives you a broad platform for building an online store of your dream.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

17. Everest

Shopify Everest Template
Shopify Everest Template

Everest is the most beautiful Shopify theme, packed with attractive features. The design is ideal for any online shop with fashion to accessories. It comes with plenty of customized options through its advanced admin panel.

With over eight unique homepage layout, Everest provides you a unique platform which has a built-in slider and SEO optimized code which keep your products in the spotlight.

Besides, Everest also comes with custom parallax effect widget which adds an extra custom touch to your site. Everest is also featured with inbuilt AJAX support which makes your store to feature smooth transitions of pages.

Other Everest top features include quick view tool, mega-menus, cross-sell slider, and newsletter pop-up and zoom tools.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

Best Miscellaneous Shopify Theme

18. Everything

Shopify Everything Template
Shopify Everything Template

Everything is a multi-store Shopify theme well for your online store. It’s versatile with over 50 different designs making it suitable for any eCommerce website – ranging from kid’s fashion store to hi-tech store. Everything is featured with a responsive design, multiple slideshow tools with different effects, advanced product filters, mega-menu and customization tools and many more amazing features. With these unique features, Everything gives you an excellent and enjoyable starting point for any online store website.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

19. HelloBaby

Shopify Hello Baby Template
Shopify Hello Baby Template

HelloBaby is an excellent Sectioned Shopify template for eCommerce business selling kids products and accessories. It’s a responsive design which makes your shop to reach your customers from all types of devices – from smartphones to laptops to tablets. It comes in harmony colors (usually pink and white) and allows your prospects to share their shopping experience on different social accounts. Also, HelloBaby has a Drag & Drop page feature that enables you to customize your page to the layout you desire, without having to do even a single coding. You can also change fonts of the page and add or remove content with its sectioned features. Other in-built amazing features of HelloBaby theme include unlimited color variants, auto-language translation tool, SEO boost and super-fast loading.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

20. Logancee

Shopify Logancee Template
Shopify Logancee Template

Logancee theme is created for those people who want to open eCommerce business for selling various products and accessories in style.

It features large images along with call-to-action tools at the header part of your website shop. The ‘EXPLORE NOW’ button allows your clients to browse the special discount of products in your store.

Just by using images, you can impress your customers using this Logancee template. It comes with a vertical gallery featured on an individual page which makes your products to easily visible to your customers without more clicks since all they need to do is just to scroll down below any product description to see all the assigned product images. This feature is somehow odd, but it’s unusual and playful which brings fun and fantastic shopping experience to your customers.

Besides, Logancee theme is designed for modern apparel shops. Other features of Logancee template include dynamic product grid. It also gives you a chance to feature your story by enabling a Youtuber video in homepage.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

21. Flowerify

Shopify Flowerify Template
Shopify Flowerify Template

Are you planning to start an online flower shop? If yes, then you’re on the right track. Flowerify is a romantic and professional responsive Shopify theme which provides excellent solutions for your online flower store. This theme is very reliable when it comes to creating an overwhelming and splendid bouquet of flowers. It is designed with a broader width slideshow on the homepage that catches your customers’ eyes easily, and they can see all your products displayed. Flowerify comes with an advanced pre-designed homepage that is more flexible to help you build online flower shop that matches your expectations and impress your customers’ target.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ View Template

There are still more than 500+ Shopify Templates available to buy on the Themeforest. Would you like to find out more? If the lists of 21 best templates above which isn’t meet the requirement of your online stores, Here are the suggestions for you:

πŸ‘š πŸ‘’ View Shopify Template in Clothing Category

🌸 πŸ’View Shopify Template in Fashion Boutique Category

πŸ’ πŸ’ View Shopify Template in Jewelry Category

πŸ‘  πŸ‘Ÿ πŸ‘žView Shopify Template in Shoe Category

πŸ‘— πŸ‘• πŸ‘œView Shopify Template in Apparel Category

πŸšͺ 🏚 🏑View Shopify Template in Furniture Category

πŸ™Œ View Shopify Template in Multipurpose Category

πŸ™Œ πŸ‘Œ View Shopify Template in Clean Category

πŸ™Œ πŸ‘Œ View Shopify Template in Bootstrap Category


Running an eCommerce business is an exciting business adventure as long as you take things seriously and do what is needed. The design of your online shop plays a crucial role in your business. For you to record a successful eCommerce business story, you need to start as earlier as possible. Starting earlier means having the right tools at hands. Therefore, these eCommerce Shopify templates will enable you to start your online shop with beautiful and compelling designs.

High-quality professional designers create these Shopify themes. They are credible themes whose primary aim was to build trust in your customers’ minds. They are user-friendly and designed in such a way that your visitors are attracted to your online store and stay for your solution for long-term business.

The good news is that these Shopify themes come with documentation and online video tutorials that guide you in making changes without interfering with the overall design. Therefore, choosing a Shopify theme that suits your industry can be the best solution for your eCommerce business, and we are sure that you’re going to find yourself a winner in the eCommerce business history. Good luck!

Earn Money with Short Links or Host your Own Website Selling Shorten Link Services?

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Why is Premium URL Shortener the Best Choice for you?

The following are features that make Premium URL Shortener the best choice for you:

1. Powerful CMS
Premium URL Shortener comes with a powerful CMS which enables you to run your service smoothly without hassle.

2. Infinite Possibilities
This tool allows you to customize your URLs, auto-detect your users’ geographical locations, add a password and choose the type of redirection

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Pros of Premium URL Shortener

1. It’s the Most Powerful Tool

πŸ”΅ Premium URL Shortener is the most Powerful Tool for Link Shortening in the Market today. It’s built with sturdy tools, including javascript library jQuery. Remarkable effects have been modeled together with the script to offer an amazing user experience. It has used advanced features to make your website free from malware and spam.

2. You have a Total Control Over Your Links

Despite the fact that it’s mentioned everywhere that you need a complete membership to have full access to Premium URL Shortener, this software is enabled by default and for free. Meaning, you can change, add or remove filters anytime you want.

3. Powerful API
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4. Ad-free Service
πŸ”΅ Premium URL Shortener providers have a dedicated team that is able to offer free support to its clients 24/7. The team is very responsive to clients’ queries and provide immediate solutions to ensure efficient use of their services.

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6. Facebook and Twitter Connection
The user of Premium URL Shortener can instantaneously login using their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

✨ Here a demo of Premium Shorten Links

premium-shorten-url gempixel
premium-shorten-url designed by gempixel

What are the Requirements for the Server?

Premium URL Shortener is modeled to with almost all the significant shared hosting. However, not all modules are available for all the servers. Therefore, the following is a list of essential requirements needed for proper working of your Premium URL Shortener:

1. Mod-Rewrite module
2. cURL module
3. PHP 5.3.6 or the latest version
4. PDO-MySQL module

Note: To selling this service to customers, you must buy the extended license and extended support to make everything working on the right track. Thank you.

Here is The Best URL Shortener PHP Scripts Can Make You Rich

PHP script for cloaking links
This Shorten links PHP script can help you rich

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πŸ”΅ Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL short link premium script which allows you to transform a long complex URL to a short, attractive and easy-to-remember one. It’s proudly packed with tons of unique pro-features such as premium membership, powerful dashboard, traffic, data analysis, admin panel, device geo-targeting, password protection and many more amazing features. This tool is essential to every affiliate marketer and any other interested party. Therefore, to understand how this software works, let’s look in details how every feature has made it unique:

Exclusive Features of Premium URL Shortener


There is an option for Geographic targeting which means you can config the link for each of different countries. This feature can help us target to the right customer.

Geo Target and Divces Target

Device Targeting

The user can target customer in different devices IOS, Android for different link cloaking that will help them get more success.

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User-friendly dashboard

With Premium URL Shortener, you’re able to manage all your URLs directly from a friendly dashboard which is powerful and easy to use.

All-in-one Administration Panel

This script provides you with a powerful admin panel which gives you total control over every aspect of your website including your users, custom pages and URLs at large. Some of the features you can control from this panel are API System, User Registration, Frame, Advertisement, URL Filtration, reCaptcha, themes and maintaining.

Premium URL Shortener is multilingual

You can easily localize this script to any languages using its built-in translator feature. You can create a new translator, edit old ones or delete them.

REST API module system

Premium URL Shortener comes with advanced API system that allows you to expand its features to your application.

It offers Private Services

As most of the people, privacy is on their priority list. With this script, you can enable the private option in the admin panel to restrict only you and all your accounts to access the site and use the features.

Facebook and Twitter Accounts Connection

Premium URL Shortener users can instantaneously log in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

URLs Validation and reCaptcha Plugin

This script has extensive validation and URL Filtering feature that makes its use efficient. From here, you’re able to disable inappropriate URLs from being processed by the system automatically. The script also comes modeled with reCaptcha system. If you enable this feature, the Captcha will only be shown to unknown users (those who are not registered)

Quick and Easy to Installer

This script comes with a quick and easy installer guide that provides you with an installation procedure.

Ⓜ️ Can I see a demo?

What are the Requirements

For this script to work effectively you need to consider the following requirements:

1. You have to enable Mode Rewrite

2. You must disable Mode Security Filter

3. You’re required to use PHP 5.3.6 version or hire

4. You’re expected to use PDO Module

5. It’s also recommended to turn off you Magic_Quotes

gempixel-shorten links cloarking link

How do You Hide Your Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are mostly ugly and very impossible to remember without doing a simple copy-paste. This is among the reasons behind hiding your affiliate link.

Hiding of your affiliate link will help you to manage your links efficiently and prevents the page ranks from leaking to advertisers. Hiding affiliate link is also known as cloaking affiliate links’. This is done by creating URLs on your web that redirect to an affiliate link. We have provided the primary procedure on how to hide an affiliate link.

This tool is a Powerful tool that all of the affiliates marketers must-have.


Premium URL Shortener comes in Regular License and Extended License. In the Regular license, you will benefit from services like one end-user product. Also, you can use a single free end product. This means more than one end user is allowed. This License cannot be sold to a third-party, and it will cost you only $32 per license.

On the other hand, The Extended License covers all the services offered in Regular License. However, the difference is that the Extended License can be sold to a third-party. It cost $210 per license.

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-To open a shorten link service website for selling this service to customers, you must buy the Extended License and extended support. You can not buy the single license to do it.

-It’s also important to note that, in both plans, the distribution of source files is not allowed.

This PHP Cloaking Link SoftWare Can Help You Gain More Success

This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win
This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win

This shortened link has a very simple, nice interface and you can track how many people clicked on this link, from which country and which devices have access. Not only that, it can make link changes for specific countries you want to target, it’s called Geotargeting. It also allows you to add your Google Analytics to track every single link that you have added.

I have bought this tool for my blog

It makes me happy at the first time I use it.

It is a PHP Scripts stand alone, so you just upload it to your hosting directory to install it.

The installation process completely simple, you just need to provide all the information needed to deploy this software for use.

Excuse me! What This tool Can do?

This tool called πŸ”΅Premium URL Shortener has been reached over 3000+ people bought it on Envato market, which means it has the advantages of itself to the grove to the users. Here is what it can do:

  • Shorten Links with a lot of options
  • GEOtargeting for each of link
  • Tracking Links click-by-click
  • Google Analytics integration
  • You can handle your own website shorten links and earn money by selling the service to customers.
  • You can hide the website for the private service which means it only serves you.
  • You can earn money by offering free shorten link services in adding the advertising on your page
  • You can set the password for any link to authorize the access
  • It can cloak the destiny link in Frame, Splashing Page, Overplay page
  • You can implement your Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords pixel, and LinkedIn Insight Tag. These are the tracking Pixel.
  • Set the expire time for any link.
  • Developer API available
  • Quick shorten link available
  • Multiple Domain Names mapping
  • PayPal, Stripe payment supported for anyone who wants to implement shorten link sites services
  • Devices Targeting Android, iPhone, Ipad, BlackBerry custom link

This tool can save you thousands of dollars in which you just only spent less than a hundred buck to pay for the owner, the developer of this tool. In some of the other cases, people must be putting a lot of money for shortened links or cloak link services with the similar features like this tool.

πŸ‘Just give it a try to let it show you how powerful it is.

Ⓜ️ Give me a demo before I make a buy

Where to buy it? show me.

The author of this tool is Gempixel, their designs always make people happy.

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What are the requirements?

  • PHP 5.3.6 or higher and PDO Module
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • Mod Security <script> Filter Disabled
  • Magic_Quotes OFF (Recommended)
  • Must-have a hosting can run PHP scripts
  • Must-need a custom domain name for your shorten link website

Who are the target audiences for this tool?

πŸ™Œ Anyone who want to open a shorten links website services

πŸ™Œ Anyone who is doing affiliate marketing

πŸ™Œ Anyone want to offer a free shorten link services in earning by advertisement

πŸ™Œ Anyone who simply want to use the shorten link

premium-shorten-url gempixel
Premium-shorten-URL designed by Gempixel


gempixel-shorten links cloarking link


– If you have a website using varnish cache, please config it for a proper working.

– Please, insert exactly your website [URL] to install it. Example: or

If your website using SSL certificate, please insert to the URL field at the installation process.

The advantage of this, you handle the website shorten the link on your own. It will be there forever as long as your hosting and domain name still lives. No more dead link with free shortens links services. No more Ads, confusing you when access the free shorten link sites.

You are now the master of your links now.

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This Social Media Managment application can help make 600+ thousands followers

This tool can help you manage all your social media networks into one place without the hassle of moving over here and there to create a new post, tweet,… It has supported these platform Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram. You can schedule the content for publishing to your networks or only get the new RSS from your channel like Youtube, Vimeo, Etsy shops, WordPress blog, Shopify shops, Witch, 500px to publish to social media networks. To use this app, you can find and install on Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android, and of course, you can useΒ it on any PC computer with the web application

Crowdfire is the super clever Social Media Manager which is helping you wind up online standard. Spare gigantic measures of time by dealing with all your social records from one place. Enable Crowdfire to do the productive work of looking also sharing substance, so you have more noteworthy opportunity to base on things you do best!

By the way, WhatΒ CrowdfireΒ Can do?

– Compose your own contents and schedule them to publish later.

– Schedule all your posts in advance and post them automatically at the perfect active times or at a time that you choose.

–Β  Add your favorite blog contents as your source for the new content using the RSS feature

– It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

– Get your own content source with RSS feed on these platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Etsy shops, WordPress blog, Shopify shops, Witch, 500px

– Android, IOS supported, which means you can handle all the tasks on your smartphone.

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This Instagram Auto-post and Scheduler Tool Make Your Life Easier

Instagram schedule and auto-post
Instagram schedule and auto-post

It’s been so hard to create post-by-post to Instagram just via a single Instagram app on SmartPhone. I’ve tried it so many times, but I don’t think it probably is the right solution for me. It just wasting my time and my business will go nowhere. Is there any tool can help me to make my life easier. God. Please help me! πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

After a couple of days of googling, I’ve found the excellent tool for my business. It looks nice and works well so far for me. The tool I want to mention is NextPost, an Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler.

What is NextPost Instagram?

NextPost is an auto-post web application that enables you to auto-post contents to Instagram, schedule posts and manages your Instagram accounts in one panel. With NextPost Instagram, you can publish and analyze all your posts in one panel.

It’s a PHP script stand alone on itself, you just upload the installation package to your hosting at the directory of your hosting. If you can not do it on yourself, you can order the extra installation package so the expert will install it from an A-to-Z for you. You will feel better than fix it all by yourself.
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NextPost Instagram can do What? Show me.

There are several tools on the market that have promised to fulfill Instagram users’ desire when it comes to their Instagram account management. These so-called tools have allowed you to only upload videos and photos. However, they don’t enable you to schedule your content, which can save you a great deal of time. With Nextpost, be sure about effective management of several Instagram account and posting content. These are features that are making NextPost be your best option:

1. It’s easy to use since it’s very responsive to mobile UI

2. Nextpost enables you to efficiently operate and manage multiple Instagram account at the same time

3. It allows you to import images from your OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox account

4. Nextpost lets you schedule your calendar hence making posting and the management of your Instagram account easy

5. Allows you to automatically cost your content, including photos, stories, album, and videos.

6. Nextpost helps you to edit any media to match Instagram’s aspect ratio before posting.

7. Nextpost helps you to do the analysis of your Instagram activities as it takes statistics just like google analytics.

8. Its module feature enables you to perfume several activities with ease, including sending auto-DM (Direct Message) to new followers and give the report, auto follow, auto-unfollow people, auto like posts, and auto comment to post.

9. It has an automatic time zone and language detection.

10. Nextpost has an advanced user interface and package control options that enable you to log in with your Facebook account.

schedule instagram auto post
Schedule for posts to Instagram
Planner for posts to Instagram

What are the requirements?

In order to run NextPost app properly, your server must meet the following requirements:

1. Your server should run PHP version 5.6.0 or above.

2. PHP GD extension is required for image processing.

3. PHP PDO is also required to create a secure connection to MySQL server.

4. FFMPEG extension is required for video posting.

5. PHP OpenSSL extension is required for secure data encryption. OpenSSL version must be1.0.1c or above. This extension must be updated every time to avoid causing issues.

How to Install NextPost to hosting

Installing Nextpost Instagram app is very easy, and the process can take you few minutes to finish. The following mini guide will help to successfully complete the installation process:
Step 1: Download and upload the zip archive containing all the necessary files of Nextpost app to any directory on your web hosting.
Step 2: Extract all files from the zip archive to the directory where your app will be installed.
Step 3: Open your web browser and navigate to the direction you’ve extracted the application files in step 2 above.
Step 4: Click installation button on installation page and check if your server is configured correctly to run the app.
Step 5: If everything is ok up to this point, then the ”Next button” will display at the button of the page. Click it. The next stage you will be asked several questions. To start with, include your purchase code. Next, installation mode question follows. Since we are doing our first installation, select β€œNo, I’m not upgrading” option from the dropdown list. Then set up your administration account by providing your credentials.
Step 6: After the step above, click on β€œFinish installation.” If everything is alright, you should be sent success message after few seconds.