$29.99 Wave.Video Creator Plan Subscriptions

This Video Platform can help you create your own video marketing, social media video, videos for your blog posts, video for ads with ease. That tool is Wave.video. It’s an online video maker platform that offers over 300,000 royalty-free audio clips, 1.5 million stock videos, images, sounds that can that meets all of your creative abilities. Anyone can create a video with just a few steps.

wave.video marketing lifetime subscription

You have a chance to get the subscription to this online video maker for just $29.99. This offer is running low, get it before it sold out.

Deal expires on Jan 26, 2020

Creator Plan

  • HD quality 720p
  • Max video duration: 1 minute
  • Unlimited usage of 2,000,000 videos, images & sounds
  • 30 video publishing formats
  • Unlimited video projects
  • Unlimited video downloads
  • Upload original video footage

System Requirements

  • Internet access required
  • Most recent versions of Chrome or Safari on a Mac or Windows computer

Offer Details

  • Length of access: 1 year
  • This plan is only available to new users
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Max number of devices: 1
  • Access options: desktop

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Wave.video Features:

  • Access 2 million free stock videos, images & sounds to build your videos
  • Over 300 million stocks videos and images at our discounted marketplace
  • Upload your own media files w/ a simple drag & drop
  • Add text to your videos & highlight your message w/ fonts and effects
  • Add your logo, stickers & Calls to Action
  • Provides auto-resizing for up to 30 video formats
  • Mix & match content and add transitions to your projects
  • Choose from over 300,000 royalty-free audio clips
  • Edit your video & instantly preview the result
  • Download or publish directly to YouTube, Facebook, & more
  • Get all the aspect ratios of your video at once for easy sharing

Have you ever try the WordPress domain name Registration Feature?

If you have ever use WordPress.com to build your blog, business website or eCommerce store you may know what WordPress.com is all about.

It’s one of the best place for Bloggers, Freelancers, Business owners to build their blog, websites for business.

It does not only the best place for blogging but it also a place that you can register a new domain name, transfer in or out your domain name.

WordPress domain registrar

You can buy domain name at WordPress.com to use for your WordPress.com paid plans or you can point it to your website hosted by other web hosting providers.

Domain name is something very important for business, so select the right domain name registrar is the most important thing we must consider before building a website. In the previous post, I have shared with you some of the best Domain name Generator and Business name generator tools to select the best name for your business.

About best domain name registrar you can get started with GoDaddy.com, but you can also try WordPress.com domain name registration.

Register your first domain name at WordPress.com now

If the domain name pricing does not a big problem, so you can use it for your business.

WordPress domain name registration

I have bought a lot of domain names here, so I would like to share it with you about this.

Try to feel it now.

Best Tools of Domain Generator for Selecting a Perfect domain name

Select a perfect domain name is something not easy for the first time building any blog or website. I have to take a lot of time to validate any single domain pop-up in my head. Check out the single-by-single name on the website of domain name registrars is completely hard. Today, I would like to share with you some of the free resources that offer the Domain name generator that saves time and make use of the domain name.

Domain name generator
Domain name generator
  1. Shopify Domain name generator
  2. Instant Domain Search .com

If you don’t know where to get started, just fill out the keywords into the search box of Domain suggestion tools to find a perfect match name that work for you.

Shopify Domain name generator

Shopify has two tools that is Business name generator and domain name generator:

Instant Domain Search Domain Name Generator

There are many possibility domain names to select and you do not need to pay any fee to get the right name that you are looking for. You just need to pay for a new domain name registration with the domain name registrars.

Domainnamegene.com- Logo & Domain name generator

DomainNameGene.com is one of the most newest website of Logo and domain name generator on the market. This site offers a lot of domain name features to select a prefect domain name. It uses a lot technique to Recognize the texts that users submit into the text input. This domain name generator tool might make you happy.

Domainnamegene.com domain name generator
Domainnamegene.com – Domain name generator tool

Logo generator by domain name gene - domainnamegene.com
Logo generator tool by domainnamegene.com

Above are all what I want to share with you to have more options to choose in the way building a new website or blog.

$39 PixelMe PixelMe Growth Lite Plan Lifetime Access

PixelMe provider offers you a PixelMe Growth Lite Plan with lifetime access for only $39. PixelMe is not only a URL Shortener tool but it can also help you
create & manage UTMs, embed retargeting pixels, and track your paid acquisition within the same link. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that you must-have in applying with your marketing strategies.

This Incredible URL Shortener & Retargeting Pixel Allows You to Acquire More Users for Less
This Incredible URL Shortener & Retargeting Pixel Allows You to Acquire More Users for Less


  • Link retargeting: Add retargeting pixels to your links and turn every URL into perfectly targeted ads. Retarget visitors from 3rd party sites like Amazon, Kickstarter, Medium, Apple Store, and more.
  • UTM builder: Add campaign parameters (UTM tags) to your links to track where clicks come from and how to optimize your marketing performance. Organize your links with templates, folders, and tags.
  • Amazon: PixelMe makes it simple to send people to your Amazon store from paid ads or social media posts and retarget them afterwards.

This deal expires on Jun 30th, 2019

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This post published on May 12th, 2019

$49 TagOn Link Shortener Custom Pro Plan Lifetime Subscription

TagOn Link Shortener offers you a lifetime subscription on Custom Pro Plan for only $49. TagOn Link Shortener is not just a normal link shortener but it can also help you get more subscribers to mailing lists by offering you call-to-actions, banners, optin form intergrated with each link you create. This is a better way to get interact with you audiences via links.


  • Easily shorten your links & add custom scripts to interact w/ your audience
  • Build custom retargeting audiences by adding retargeting pixels & tracking codes
  • Drive traffic back to your site by adding call-to-actions on the links you share
  • Automatically create TagOn-powered links from any RSS feed
  • Use your own domains for your shortened links
  • Use TagOn with any embeddable scripts from your existing tools
  • Create links with zero TagOn branding
  • Seamlessly organize your links with tags
  • Easily customize your link’s meta title, description & image for sharing on social media
  • View traffic stats for total clicks, unique visitors, mobile traffic & more on your CTAs

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This deal expires on May 26th, 2019

Offer Details

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Updates included
  • Access options: desktop and mobile
  • Unlimited links
  • 75 CTAs/custom scripts
  • 15 custom domains
  • 150k clicks/month
  • Purchase 3 deals to unlock agency + white-label features
  • Get 3 clients per deal
  • Stack as many codes as you want
  • All feature updates & integrations of the Pro Plan are included
  • Note: Users can stack more codes for more clicks. Redeem 3 codes to unlock agency + white-label features with 9 sub-accounts for your clients. Add 3 additional clients per code from the 4th code redeemed.
  • Agency + White-Label Features
  • Create fully-functional client accounts
  • Limit the number of clicks, CTAs, and domains client accounts can use
  • Edit and delete client accounts
  • Set up custom domains for all your clients to use
  • Quickly login to your client account from your agency dashboard
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This post published on May 12th, 2019

Earn Money with Short Links or Host your Own Website Selling Shorten Link Services?

Earn money by selling shorten link or cloaking link services
Earn money by selling shorten link or cloaking link services

Earn Money with Short Links or Host your Own Website Selling Shorten Link Services? Most of the business owners, affiliate marketers and online promoters have found themselves, if not ones, at least several times at the crossroad on whether they should earn money with short links or by hosting their own websites that sell short link services. So many short link websites have promised their users to earn lots of money but in the long run, failed to prove their worth.😕 It’s then tough to make money with these short link sites. Why? Let me explain. There are so many risks associated with short link websites. For instance, suppose they go out of business, your link will suffer from the effect. This will mean the end of your earnings. Therefore, it’s certain that you will never earn anything with the short link websites like adf.ly or shorte.st.

Shorten URLs and 💰 💰💰 Earn Money on Your Own Website

🙌 Why not open your own site that sells shorten link services to customers, or consider opening the short link website then earn money with Google AdSense? You may be wondering how this can be achieved, but with the help of this fantastic PHP Script tool, your dream can come true – Premium URL Shortener. This dedicated tool is packed with unique features including premium membership, advanced dashboard, geo-detector and admin panel. It allows you as a business owner or an affiliate marketer to track the statistical information on your website traffic and the performance of a marketing campaign.

Show me what tool? 🙌 Check that tool right here

Why is Premium URL Shortener the Best Choice for you?

The following are features that make Premium URL Shortener the best choice for you:

1. Powerful CMS
Premium URL Shortener comes with a powerful CMS which enables you to run your service smoothly without hassle.

2. Infinite Possibilities
This tool allows you to customize your URLs, auto-detect your users’ geographical locations, add a password and choose the type of redirection

3. User-Friendly Dashboard
Premium URL Shortener allows your users to manage all their URLs directly from a dashboard that is powerful and easy to use. They have complete access to every feature from this dashboard.

4. Language Detector
Premium URL Shortener has a built-in translator which comes with many languages that allow you to localize it for any languages easily.

5. Advanced Protection
This tool provides enhanced protection by enabling each URL link shortened to go under a stream of highly restricted protocols to make sure they are safe.

Geo Target and Divces Target

Pros of Premium URL Shortener

1. It’s the Most Powerful Tool

🔵 Premium URL Shortener is the most Powerful Tool for Link Shortening in the Market today. It’s built with sturdy tools, including javascript library jQuery. Remarkable effects have been modeled together with the script to offer an amazing user experience. It has used advanced features to make your website free from malware and spam.

2. You have a Total Control Over Your Links

Despite the fact that it’s mentioned everywhere that you need a complete membership to have full access to Premium URL Shortener, this software is enabled by default and for free. Meaning, you can change, add or remove filters anytime you want.

3. Powerful API
Premium URL Shortener enables you to use the API to build custom applications with powerful tools such as shrt.li

4. Ad-free Service
🔵 Premium URL Shortener providers have a dedicated team that is able to offer free support to its clients 24/7. The team is very responsive to clients’ queries and provide immediate solutions to ensure efficient use of their services.

5. Guaranteed Privacy
Premium URL Shortener does not share your analytics. This makes your link known to your users since they will know what they’re clicking hence increasing the trust of your link. It also keeps your data private and enables you to brand, edit and redirect your link.

6. Facebook and Twitter Connection
The user of Premium URL Shortener can instantaneously login using their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Here a demo of Premium Shorten Links

premium-shorten-url gempixel
premium-shorten-url designed by gempixel

What are the Requirements for the Server?

Premium URL Shortener is modeled to with almost all the significant shared hosting. However, not all modules are available for all the servers. Therefore, the following is a list of essential requirements needed for proper working of your Premium URL Shortener:

1. Mod-Rewrite module
2. cURL module
3. PHP 5.3.6 or the latest version
4. PDO-MySQL module

Note: To selling this service to customers, you must buy the extended license and extended support to make everything working on the right track. Thank you.

Here is The Best URL Shortener PHP Scripts Can Make You Rich

PHP script for cloaking links
This Shorten links PHP script can help you rich

Since sharing long and complicated URLs is not ideal for not only me but also any other person, or the user of any website. Many of these websites allow limited characters for submission. A lot of free shorten website services do not support GEOTargeting, Devices targeting, tracking visitors and a ton of features has been limited when using it. Now there are very strong, powerful PHP scripts that supported all of the features above and still more beautiful features to make you happy all the time.

How much can you earn with Shorten Links services? Here are the ideas for you:
Open Shorten link website sell the service to customers, People just go to your website and buy the premium membership to use all the features that the free shorten links don’t have.
Open Shorten link website, Placing ads on any single link visitor make. You can add Google Adsense or any other advertiser providers to make money with your sites
Open Shorten link website, serve it for yourself only. Use it as an affiliate cloaking links application. This PHP script has GEOtargeting, Devices targeting, tracking links, Google Analytic integrate. It will make you reach out the right customers make you rich.

To turn your dream come true, this is the Powerful can help you do that.

🔵 Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL short link premium script which allows you to transform a long complex URL to a short, attractive and easy-to-remember one. It’s proudly packed with tons of unique pro-features such as premium membership, powerful dashboard, traffic, data analysis, admin panel, device geo-targeting, password protection and many more amazing features. This tool is essential to every affiliate marketer and any other interested party. Therefore, to understand how this software works, let’s look in details how every feature has made it unique:

Exclusive Features of Premium URL Shortener


There is an option for Geographic targeting which means you can config the link for each of different countries. This feature can help us target to the right customer.

Geo Target and Divces Target

Device Targeting

The user can target customer in different devices IOS, Android for different link cloaking that will help them get more success.

🛒 You can buy it right here

User-friendly dashboard

With Premium URL Shortener, you’re able to manage all your URLs directly from a friendly dashboard which is powerful and easy to use.

All-in-one Administration Panel

This script provides you with a powerful admin panel which gives you total control over every aspect of your website including your users, custom pages and URLs at large. Some of the features you can control from this panel are API System, User Registration, Frame, Advertisement, URL Filtration, reCaptcha, themes and maintaining.

Premium URL Shortener is multilingual

You can easily localize this script to any languages using its built-in translator feature. You can create a new translator, edit old ones or delete them.

REST API module system

Premium URL Shortener comes with advanced API system that allows you to expand its features to your application.

It offers Private Services

As most of the people, privacy is on their priority list. With this script, you can enable the private option in the admin panel to restrict only you and all your accounts to access the site and use the features.

Facebook and Twitter Accounts Connection

Premium URL Shortener users can instantaneously log in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

URLs Validation and reCaptcha Plugin

This script has extensive validation and URL Filtering feature that makes its use efficient. From here, you’re able to disable inappropriate URLs from being processed by the system automatically. The script also comes modeled with reCaptcha system. If you enable this feature, the Captcha will only be shown to unknown users (those who are not registered)

Quick and Easy to Installer

This script comes with a quick and easy installer guide that provides you with an installation procedure.

Ⓜ️ Can I see a demo?

What are the Requirements

For this script to work effectively you need to consider the following requirements:

1. You have to enable Mode Rewrite

2. You must disable Mode Security Filter

3. You’re required to use PHP 5.3.6 version or hire

4. You’re expected to use PDO Module

5. It’s also recommended to turn off you Magic_Quotes

gempixel-shorten links cloarking link

How do You Hide Your Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are mostly ugly and very impossible to remember without doing a simple copy-paste. This is among the reasons behind hiding your affiliate link.

Hiding of your affiliate link will help you to manage your links efficiently and prevents the page ranks from leaking to advertisers. Hiding affiliate link is also known as cloaking affiliate links’. This is done by creating URLs on your web that redirect to an affiliate link. We have provided the primary procedure on how to hide an affiliate link.

This tool is a Powerful tool that all of the affiliates marketers must-have.


Premium URL Shortener comes in Regular License and Extended License. In the Regular license, you will benefit from services like one end-user product. Also, you can use a single free end product. This means more than one end user is allowed. This License cannot be sold to a third-party, and it will cost you only $32 per license.

On the other hand, The Extended License covers all the services offered in Regular License. However, the difference is that the Extended License can be sold to a third-party. It cost $210 per license.

🛒 You can Buy this PHP Scripts and Extended Support right here


-To open a shorten link service website for selling this service to customers, you must buy the Extended License and extended support. You can not buy the single license to do it.

-It’s also important to note that, in both plans, the distribution of source files is not allowed.