This All-in-One Document Application can help you handle all of your works on iPhone, iPad

All-in-one Office for iPhone, iPad
All-in-one Office for iPhone, iPad

The best office application in the world for iPhone, iPad can even be better! This all-in-one application can help you handle all of your documents on your phone. So you will never miss anything from your work when you’re going outside. Over 1 billion downloads and over 1.1k ratings on Apple App Store! View, edit and create office documents, presentations and tables perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office and Google applications.

If you are a writer, looking for an application better than Microsoft office smartphone version. This WPS office is a better alternative for you.

This application is a better alternative for Microsoft office, Google document while working on iPhone, iPad. It has a clean design and user-friendly interface in helping users feeling comfortable to make a new document.

wps office premium for IOS

I’m a blogger. Besides workings on Laptop, I also use this application to create a new content to prepare for the next publishing on my blog.

Open any types of documents file

WPS Office can open almost any kind of document including PDF and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Which means you can continue your work from PC laptop right on your iPhone or iPad.


Excellent features

WPS Office built with characteristics similar to what you saw in any PC office. It includes advanced text formatting options as well as the ability to add and edit photos, shapes, tables, and graphs directly to your presentations or documents.

It times to work on your iPhone or iPad outside of your home, your office with the help of WPS office. You can work anywhere, anytime when riding on the bus or the subway. You can read, edit or even share it with your co-workers.

WPS office is sharing this application with two types subscriptions free and paid. The free app comes with the ads inserted at the primary interface. It is annoying our look and feels. And it has some limited features that only available for the paid plan.

Upgrade WPS Office Premium

When you upgrade to WPS office Quarterly or yearly, you are going to get all these features enhance too.
– No advertising disturb your work
-Save as.PDF file.
– Merge.PDF Files together
– Save as PPT presentation
– Merge PPT presentation files together
– Support OpenOffice
– Signature inside.PDF document
– Convert.PDF to.DOC
– A lot of templates for reading mode to select.
– Compress any documents files to the smaller size. Reduce file size, transfer faster, save space.

Upgrade to WPS OFFICE Premium here

Don’t let the free version stopping your steps. Upgrade to premium now to get these features for your office works.

download on app store

I’m using this application every day via my phone. Sometimes, I’m going outside, and I don’t have the laptop in hand, I use it to view some works from my co-workers sending to me. And I don’t need to wait until I come back to home.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting and Woocommerce


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services across the world. It’s one of the three recommended by It provides different varieties of hosting solutions ranging from newbies to larger business.

Why Do You Need Bluehost?

Before setting up your website, you need a domain name and a hosting platform that will put your site live. Bluehost’s primary aim is to provide you with these two services – website hosting and domain name.

Besides, Bluehost produces content designed to boost your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps you to increase your website rank on the Google site. This tactic generally improves your business in general.

Bluehost also helps you to set up your website on WordPress. WordPress features Bluehost with a control panel known as Bluerock platform. This platform aims at providing a hosting platform ideal for running WordPress websites.

Woocommerce + WordPress hosting

Woocommerce + WordPress hosting
Woocommerce + WordPress hosting

If You want to open your online business, you must use this plan.

BlueHost also offers a Woocommerce + WordPress hosting for you to open an online store. Check out Woocommerce hosting here

The BlueHost Woocomerce + WordPress hosting plan is a simple way for your online business store. You don’t need to do the hard installation the first after you had purchased the service. All hard works as the installation+ configuration are all done by itself. You just access your Woocomerce hosting and start to prepare for your store.

Benefits of Using Bluehost Hosting Services

Today, Bluehost is the special offer to all WordPress users. WordPress endorsed this amazing web hosting service and comes with benefits such as:

1. Affordable Price

Bluehost provides affordable hosting plans in the market.  The Bluehost price is reachable to most users, more importantly, the newbies. Besides, there are no other hidden fees when signing up for Bluehost account.

2. Improved Customer Support

Blue host lets you interact with their expert team anytime to ensure that everything you need for your website hosting is placed in order. Bluehost users are free to inquire about the things necessary to make their site more efficient via their online chat, phone or email service.

Bluehost has a database that provides users with knowledge through video tutorials and supports documentation. This means that both beginners and experts are exposed to extensive help.

3. User-Friendly Panel

Bluehost not only aims at providing excellent support for its clients but also offer a user-friendly control panel. Its advanced cPanel helps you to manage your website, emails, and domains from one central location. As a result, this panel helps you to save the time of your operations.

4. Guaranteed Security

Bluehost guarantees its users complete protection for their website. It is built with Secure Shell Access (SSH) to allow admins and web developers to access their configuration file securely. They also offer other security features such as an IP address blacklist, private keys and password protected directories.

5. It Comes With Extra Benefits

In addition to that, Bluehost lets you enjoy a free domain name for one year after signing up for their services. It also offers advertising credits on Google’s AdWords and Bing.

Write a blog on BlueHost WordPress Hosting
Write a blog on BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress hosting Pricing and Plan

Bluehost provides you with a variety of hosting packages. It comes with four plans with affordable price depending on the services you need. These plans include Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Prime Plan, and the Business Plan.

1. Basic Plan

This plan is mostly ideal for bloggers. If you are also a beginner, this plan has the best answer to your dream. The Basic Plan enables you to host one website. It is also accompanied with 50GB storage space per account, 5 email accounts with 100MB storage for each account and 25 subdomains.

This plan for beginners. check it out

2. Plus Plan

This is the most known Bluehost’s plan which cost $4.45 per month as the first price. Plus Plan also comes with tons of benefits including unlimited email accounts, unlimited web storage, and bandwidth, unlimited websites, and subdomains.

This plans for bloggers on-going

3. Prime Plan

Prime Plan comes with more benefit compared to Plus Plan. It provides you with all the features contained in Plus Plan. Besides, it offers you domain privacy and site backup pro.

This plan is for websites, blogs with higher traffic. check it out

4. Business Pro Plan

This plan provides you with everything offered by the Prime Plan. Additional benefits you get from this plan include dedicated IP, SSL Certificate and Spam Experts for two domains.

This is how it looks inside BlueHost WordPress Hosting

You can manage the state of your WordPress themes and Plugins inside the BlueHost WordPress hosting panel such as update, install-uninstall a new template, new plugin.

When it comes to providing the best website hosting solutions, Bluehost WordPress is considered to give the best answer ever. Its back up by WordPress Organization has given it a great advantage to serve and provide an ideal solution for both admins and web developers across the world.

As we have seen, Bluehost offers various hosting plans which comes with different prices to reach all level of customers in the market. Its starter plan is affordable and provides 24/7 support from their expert staff. With all unique features which are user-friendly, this attests that Bluehost is the best option for you.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of starting out as an admin or web dev, consider signing up for any Bluehost Plan. It’s cheap to start and you will upgrade as you continue growing your business. Have Bluehost WordPress and experience an amazing adventure on your blog and website journey.

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This PHP Cloaking Link SoftWare Can Help You Gain More Success

This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win
This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win

This shortened link has a very simple, nice interface and you can track how many people clicked on this link, from which country and which devices have access. Not only that, it can make link changes for specific countries you want to target, it’s called Geotargeting. It also allows you to add your Google Analytics to track every single link that you have added.

I have bought this tool for my blog

It makes me happy at the first time I use it.

It is a PHP Scripts stand alone, so you just upload it to your hosting directory to install it.

The installation process completely simple, you just need to provide all the information needed to deploy this software for use.

Excuse me! What This tool Can do?

This tool called 🔵Premium URL Shortener has been reached over 3000+ people bought it on Envato market, which means it has the advantages of itself to the grove to the users. Here is what it can do:

  • Shorten Links with a lot of options
  • GEOtargeting for each of link
  • Tracking Links click-by-click
  • Google Analytics integration
  • You can handle your own website shorten links and earn money by selling the service to customers.
  • You can hide the website for the private service which means it only serves you.
  • You can earn money by offering free shorten link services in adding the advertising on your page
  • You can set the password for any link to authorize the access
  • It can cloak the destiny link in Frame, Splashing Page, Overplay page
  • You can implement your Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords pixel, and LinkedIn Insight Tag. These are the tracking Pixel.
  • Set the expire time for any link.
  • Developer API available
  • Quick shorten link available
  • Multiple Domain Names mapping
  • PayPal, Stripe payment supported for anyone who wants to implement shorten link sites services
  • Devices Targeting Android, iPhone, Ipad, BlackBerry custom link

This tool can save you thousands of dollars in which you just only spent less than a hundred buck to pay for the owner, the developer of this tool. In some of the other cases, people must be putting a lot of money for shortened links or cloak link services with the similar features like this tool.

👏Just give it a try to let it show you how powerful it is.

Ⓜ️ Give me a demo before I make a buy

Where to buy it? show me.

The author of this tool is Gempixel, their designs always make people happy.

🛒 You can buy it at here

What are the requirements?

  • PHP 5.3.6 or higher and PDO Module
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • Mod Security <script> Filter Disabled
  • Magic_Quotes OFF (Recommended)
  • Must-have a hosting can run PHP scripts
  • Must-need a custom domain name for your shorten link website

Who are the target audiences for this tool?

🙌 Anyone who want to open a shorten links website services

🙌 Anyone who is doing affiliate marketing

🙌 Anyone want to offer a free shorten link services in earning by advertisement

🙌 Anyone who simply want to use the shorten link

premium-shorten-url gempixel
Premium-shorten-URL designed by Gempixel


gempixel-shorten links cloarking link


– If you have a website using varnish cache, please config it for a proper working.

– Please, insert exactly your website [URL] to install it. Example: or

If your website using SSL certificate, please insert to the URL field at the installation process.

The advantage of this, you handle the website shorten the link on your own. It will be there forever as long as your hosting and domain name still lives. No more dead link with free shortens links services. No more Ads, confusing you when access the free shorten link sites.

You are now the master of your links now.

🛒 You can buy it at here