Do you love Gutenberg on WordPress 5.0 update?

The time has come, You have to accept the truth that the new feature takes over the classic one. A lot of people loving the classic editor than Gutenberg, they have to accept to live with a new feature that they might don’t want to.

Which those people who don’t love Gutenberg feature, there is a one way to switch back to the classic Editor that they must to install a Classic Editor plugin. That way can keep the old way as it was before.

Or TinyMCE Advanced

Now TinyMCE Advanced also supports WordPress Gutenberg

While someone hates Gutenberg features, some others see it a new age of The content Editor. It is an all in one Editor that can stripe down the unnecessary things away.

If you are a person who love the clean and simple Gutenberg is the right one for you.

With Gutenberg, we don’t need to install more and more plugins like the way we ever do before to get the more features to decorate our blog, website. Okay, no we don’t. 

This time we need to put it away the old style and accepts the new one. The new one can save your time, money, and can minimize the load speed of your website. Because we don’t need a lot of pluigns we got Gutenberg, so that we do not need to install those stuff and Our website will load faster.

With the old websites, the migration process between old editor and Gutenberg may be the pain. A lot of websites are using a lot of other plugins that does not support Gutenberg can turn your website to the doom.

But some other websites with only text, images simply can migrate to Gutenberg easy without losing any content.

If you open a new blog Gutenberg is a great welcome to you. Everything easy peasy like a cake. 

About me, After updating to Gutenberg, I love to write more and more contents. I keep writing everyday. I love to create the new content. I feel I was reborned. The Gutenberg has inspired me. 

Sometimes, at the first time the new thing very hard to accept but If you give it a try it will never fail you. Gutenberg just a child. Take time to like with it like the way you play with your children. I will love it soon.

You can still use the WordPress Classic Editor from now until 2021. 

Who love, hate Gutenberg feature?

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