WPAP Art – Where is the place to hire designers?

hire the WPAP designers

This article will show you how and where to hire the designers with the best talent for turning a photo into a WPAP Art. Converting photos into WPAP image is an excellent art of its kind. The maker behind this trending style is Wedha Abdul Rashid. Finding a technical specialized to turn images into WPAP can sometimes be challenging. This leaves many people who are aspiring to make WPAP images to wonder on the best places or platforms they can use to hire the designers. Today, I’ll help you to know the best site you will find WPAP image designers at a lower cost – starting from $5, but before going into details on this, let’s first understand what we mean by WPAP image and a small history behind it.

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What is WPAP Image?

WPAP stands for Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait. The maker of this style is a graphic artist by the name Wedha Abdul Rashid, originally from Indonesia and he invented it in 1990. WPAP art portrait design uses the principles of vector art involving tracing on a photograph of the subject.

A WPAP design look like this

The History Behind WPAP Images

On his career, Wedha worked at Hai magazine where he used to make portraits illustrations of all famous figures including artists, musicians, and politicians. As the adage goes, “Old is Gold,” Wedha made this style after finding it expensive and difficult to draw a realistic and detailed face of a character, due to his aging sight.

WPAP is the easiest way to illustrate human portrait using varying colors and decorative shapes such as sharp angles and straight edges. This style has been commonly used to represent portraits of famous people, usually in magazines and newspapers. Today, WPAP style has grown and increased its popularity as part of the pop art style.

What Can You Do With Your WPAP Image?

Having your face depicted in WPAP style can be as exciting and fun experience as having a WPAP image for a famous person. You can use your WPAP as an avatar for social media network including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides, you can use your WPAP image in your newspaper or magazine.

A WPAP image can make your Instagram look nice. It can help you PR your Name to a higher level.


Tools Required in Designing WPAP Art Portraits

If you’re planning to create portraits in WPAP style, you need Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Besides, you can also use Adobe Flash, CorelDraw or Microsoft Word.

Do We Have Challenges in Creating WPAP Art Portrait?

Since WPAP is an illustration of the actual face of a character, coming up with WPAP image that resembles the character can be a challenge. The most challenging parts to get right are eyes, mouth, and nose. These are the parts that will mostly determine the look and familiarity of the person. There is a need to keep the subject recognizable while designing your WPAP image. As a result, you need to get special designers who will complete this up to your desires. Now, the question is, where will you get these WPAP designers, and at an affordable price? Let’s keep going.

Believe me, don’t try the hard work on your own. Let’s put it in the hands of the talented designers.

 Best Site to Hire WPAP Image Designers

Quality is one of the factors considered by any person ranging from business people to customers. To be honest, coming up with quality WPAP art design is not as easy as selling a service. You need dedicated professions who aim at not only conceptualizing high-quality WPAP images but also doing it within your budget frame. Fiverr is arguably the best platform where you can get your WPAP art portrait designers at a reasonable and competitive price. With as low as $5, you will get help to grow your business with the help of artistically fiction characters.

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Guideline To Fiverr Account

Fiverr is the number one online platform in the world for $5 services. Its services are categorized in 12 major groups, among them is Graphics and Design whereas a client, you can find and get quality designers to work on your WPAP design starting from $5. Therefore, for you to get designers in this marketplace, you need a Fiverr account, which is quick, easy and free to create.

Hire a wpap designer on Fiverr
WPAP Designers

Why Fiverr is The Best Place To Get WPAP Art Portrait Designer

1. Huge Market Place

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. As a result, there are thousands of professions who are providing services on a daily basis. Fiverr allows you to view top performers which makes it easy for you to choose a person of skills you are searching. Breaking into the Fiverr market is also easy, making you get the best designer for your WPAP images.

2. Easy Pricing

Pricing in Fiverr is simple. All you need to do is to check out for the competition within designers according to the services they are providing and decide on who to pick. The pricing has an increment of $5 which is easier to scale your budget quickly.

3. Quality Work and Completed Quickly

If you do your selection right basing on the gig posted by different designers, you will get quality designers who will complete your job quickly and offer you quality service as well.

4. Secured Personal Details

With Fiver, be sure to have total protection on your details. Fiverr does not share anybody’s information with any third-party. It only shares information that assists you as a client and your customer in learning more about each other. This makes you do your business transaction with your employee at ease.


As a buyer, you have nothing to lose with Fiverr. This is the best platform to find a quality designer for your WPAP Art Portrait. Sign up for free and find your best WPAP art portrait designer.

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