Here is The Best URL Shortener PHP Scripts Can Make You Rich

PHP script for cloaking links
This Shorten links PHP script can help you rich

Since sharing long and complicated URLs is not ideal for not only me but also any other person, or the user of any website. Many of these websites allow limited characters for submission. A lot of free shorten website services do not support GEOTargeting, Devices targeting, tracking visitors and a ton of features has been limited when using it. Now there are very strong, powerful PHP scripts that supported all of the features above and still more beautiful features to make you happy all the time.

How much can you earn with Shorten Links services? Here are the ideas for you:
Open Shorten link website sell the service to customers, People just go to your website and buy the premium membership to use all the features that the free shorten links don’t have.
Open Shorten link website, Placing ads on any single link visitor make. You can add Google Adsense or any other advertiser providers to make money with your sites
Open Shorten link website, serve it for yourself only. Use it as an affiliate cloaking links application. This PHP script has GEOtargeting, Devices targeting, tracking links, Google Analytic integrate. It will make you reach out the right customers make you rich.

To turn your dream come true, this is the Powerful can help you do that.

🔵 Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL short link premium script which allows you to transform a long complex URL to a short, attractive and easy-to-remember one. It’s proudly packed with tons of unique pro-features such as premium membership, powerful dashboard, traffic, data analysis, admin panel, device geo-targeting, password protection and many more amazing features. This tool is essential to every affiliate marketer and any other interested party. Therefore, to understand how this software works, let’s look in details how every feature has made it unique:

Exclusive Features of Premium URL Shortener


There is an option for Geographic targeting which means you can config the link for each of different countries. This feature can help us target to the right customer.

Geo Target and Divces Target

Device Targeting

The user can target customer in different devices IOS, Android for different link cloaking that will help them get more success.

🛒 You can buy it right here

User-friendly dashboard

With Premium URL Shortener, you’re able to manage all your URLs directly from a friendly dashboard which is powerful and easy to use.

All-in-one Administration Panel

This script provides you with a powerful admin panel which gives you total control over every aspect of your website including your users, custom pages and URLs at large. Some of the features you can control from this panel are API System, User Registration, Frame, Advertisement, URL Filtration, reCaptcha, themes and maintaining.

Premium URL Shortener is multilingual

You can easily localize this script to any languages using its built-in translator feature. You can create a new translator, edit old ones or delete them.

REST API module system

Premium URL Shortener comes with advanced API system that allows you to expand its features to your application.

It offers Private Services

As most of the people, privacy is on their priority list. With this script, you can enable the private option in the admin panel to restrict only you and all your accounts to access the site and use the features.

Facebook and Twitter Accounts Connection

Premium URL Shortener users can instantaneously log in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

URLs Validation and reCaptcha Plugin

This script has extensive validation and URL Filtering feature that makes its use efficient. From here, you’re able to disable inappropriate URLs from being processed by the system automatically. The script also comes modeled with reCaptcha system. If you enable this feature, the Captcha will only be shown to unknown users (those who are not registered)

Quick and Easy to Installer

This script comes with a quick and easy installer guide that provides you with an installation procedure.

Ⓜ️ Can I see a demo?

What are the Requirements

For this script to work effectively you need to consider the following requirements:

1. You have to enable Mode Rewrite

2. You must disable Mode Security Filter

3. You’re required to use PHP 5.3.6 version or hire

4. You’re expected to use PDO Module

5. It’s also recommended to turn off you Magic_Quotes

gempixel-shorten links cloarking link

How do You Hide Your Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are mostly ugly and very impossible to remember without doing a simple copy-paste. This is among the reasons behind hiding your affiliate link.

Hiding of your affiliate link will help you to manage your links efficiently and prevents the page ranks from leaking to advertisers. Hiding affiliate link is also known as cloaking affiliate links’. This is done by creating URLs on your web that redirect to an affiliate link. We have provided the primary procedure on how to hide an affiliate link.

This tool is a Powerful tool that all of the affiliates marketers must-have.


Premium URL Shortener comes in Regular License and Extended License. In the Regular license, you will benefit from services like one end-user product. Also, you can use a single free end product. This means more than one end user is allowed. This License cannot be sold to a third-party, and it will cost you only $32 per license.

On the other hand, The Extended License covers all the services offered in Regular License. However, the difference is that the Extended License can be sold to a third-party. It cost $210 per license.

🛒 You can Buy this PHP Scripts and Extended Support right here


-To open a shorten link service website for selling this service to customers, you must buy the Extended License and extended support. You can not buy the single license to do it.

-It’s also important to note that, in both plans, the distribution of source files is not allowed.

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