This PHP Cloaking Link SoftWare Can Help You Gain More Success

This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win
This PHP Script cloaking links can help you win

This shortened link has a very simple, nice interface and you can track how many people clicked on this link, from which country and which devices have access. Not only that, it can make link changes for specific countries you want to target, it’s called Geotargeting. It also allows you to add your Google Analytics to track every single link that you have added.

I have bought this tool for my blog

It makes me happy at the first time I use it.

It is a PHP Scripts stand alone, so you just upload it to your hosting directory to install it.

The installation process completely simple, you just need to provide all the information needed to deploy this software for use.

Excuse me! What This tool Can do?

This tool called 🔵Premium URL Shortener has been reached over 3000+ people bought it on Envato market, which means it has the advantages of itself to the grove to the users. Here is what it can do:

  • Shorten Links with a lot of options
  • GEOtargeting for each of link
  • Tracking Links click-by-click
  • Google Analytics integration
  • You can handle your own website shorten links and earn money by selling the service to customers.
  • You can hide the website for the private service which means it only serves you.
  • You can earn money by offering free shorten link services in adding the advertising on your page
  • You can set the password for any link to authorize the access
  • It can cloak the destiny link in Frame, Splashing Page, Overplay page
  • You can implement your Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords pixel, and LinkedIn Insight Tag. These are the tracking Pixel.
  • Set the expire time for any link.
  • Developer API available
  • Quick shorten link available
  • Multiple Domain Names mapping
  • PayPal, Stripe payment supported for anyone who wants to implement shorten link sites services
  • Devices Targeting Android, iPhone, Ipad, BlackBerry custom link

This tool can save you thousands of dollars in which you just only spent less than a hundred buck to pay for the owner, the developer of this tool. In some of the other cases, people must be putting a lot of money for shortened links or cloak link services with the similar features like this tool.

👏Just give it a try to let it show you how powerful it is.

Ⓜ️ Give me a demo before I make a buy

Where to buy it? show me.

The author of this tool is Gempixel, their designs always make people happy.

🛒 You can buy it at here

What are the requirements?

  • PHP 5.3.6 or higher and PDO Module
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • Mod Security <script> Filter Disabled
  • Magic_Quotes OFF (Recommended)
  • Must-have a hosting can run PHP scripts
  • Must-need a custom domain name for your shorten link website

Who are the target audiences for this tool?

🙌 Anyone who want to open a shorten links website services

🙌 Anyone who is doing affiliate marketing

🙌 Anyone want to offer a free shorten link services in earning by advertisement

🙌 Anyone who simply want to use the shorten link

premium-shorten-url gempixel
Premium-shorten-URL designed by Gempixel


gempixel-shorten links cloarking link


– If you have a website using varnish cache, please config it for a proper working.

– Please, insert exactly your website [URL] to install it. Example: or

If your website using SSL certificate, please insert to the URL field at the installation process.

The advantage of this, you handle the website shorten the link on your own. It will be there forever as long as your hosting and domain name still lives. No more dead link with free shortens links services. No more Ads, confusing you when access the free shorten link sites.

You are now the master of your links now.

🛒 You can buy it at here

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