This Instagram Auto-post and Scheduler Tool Make Your Life Easier

Instagram schedule and auto-post
Instagram schedule and auto-post

It’s been so hard to create post-by-post to Instagram just via a single Instagram app on SmartPhone. I’ve tried it so many times, but I don’t think it probably is the right solution for me. It just wasting my time and my business will go nowhere. Is there any tool can help me to make my life easier. God. Please help me! 😔😭

After a couple of days of googling, I’ve found the excellent tool for my business. It looks nice and works well so far for me. The tool I want to mention is NextPost, an Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler.

What is NextPost Instagram?

NextPost is an auto-post web application that enables you to auto-post contents to Instagram, schedule posts and manages your Instagram accounts in one panel. With NextPost Instagram, you can publish and analyze all your posts in one panel.

It’s a PHP script stand alone on itself, you just upload the installation package to your hosting at the directory of your hosting. If you can not do it on yourself, you can order the extra installation package so the expert will install it from an A-to-Z for you. You will feel better than fix it all by yourself.
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NextPost Instagram can do What? Show me.

There are several tools on the market that have promised to fulfill Instagram users’ desire when it comes to their Instagram account management. These so-called tools have allowed you to only upload videos and photos. However, they don’t enable you to schedule your content, which can save you a great deal of time. With Nextpost, be sure about effective management of several Instagram account and posting content. These are features that are making NextPost be your best option:

1. It’s easy to use since it’s very responsive to mobile UI

2. Nextpost enables you to efficiently operate and manage multiple Instagram account at the same time

3. It allows you to import images from your OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox account

4. Nextpost lets you schedule your calendar hence making posting and the management of your Instagram account easy

5. Allows you to automatically cost your content, including photos, stories, album, and videos.

6. Nextpost helps you to edit any media to match Instagram’s aspect ratio before posting.

7. Nextpost helps you to do the analysis of your Instagram activities as it takes statistics just like google analytics.

8. Its module feature enables you to perfume several activities with ease, including sending auto-DM (Direct Message) to new followers and give the report, auto follow, auto-unfollow people, auto like posts, and auto comment to post.

9. It has an automatic time zone and language detection.

10. Nextpost has an advanced user interface and package control options that enable you to log in with your Facebook account.

schedule instagram auto post
Schedule for posts to Instagram
Planner for posts to Instagram

What are the requirements?

In order to run NextPost app properly, your server must meet the following requirements:

1. Your server should run PHP version 5.6.0 or above.

2. PHP GD extension is required for image processing.

3. PHP PDO is also required to create a secure connection to MySQL server.

4. FFMPEG extension is required for video posting.

5. PHP OpenSSL extension is required for secure data encryption. OpenSSL version must be1.0.1c or above. This extension must be updated every time to avoid causing issues.

How to Install NextPost to hosting

Installing Nextpost Instagram app is very easy, and the process can take you few minutes to finish. The following mini guide will help to successfully complete the installation process:
Step 1: Download and upload the zip archive containing all the necessary files of Nextpost app to any directory on your web hosting.
Step 2: Extract all files from the zip archive to the directory where your app will be installed.
Step 3: Open your web browser and navigate to the direction you’ve extracted the application files in step 2 above.
Step 4: Click installation button on installation page and check if your server is configured correctly to run the app.
Step 5: If everything is ok up to this point, then the ”Next button” will display at the button of the page. Click it. The next stage you will be asked several questions. To start with, include your purchase code. Next, installation mode question follows. Since we are doing our first installation, select “No, I’m not upgrading” option from the dropdown list. Then set up your administration account by providing your credentials.
Step 6: After the step above, click on “Finish installation.” If everything is alright, you should be sent success message after few seconds.

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